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The Czech Book Award

The Czech Book Award went to Jiří Hájíček

In the sixth edition of the Czech Book Award, the jury of specialists attributed the main prize to the Jiří Hájíček’s novel « The Rain Stick » (original title: Dešťová hůl) whose action takes place in a small village in the region of South Bohemia. By the way, the author himself lives in the capital of this region: České Budějovice (Budweis). The winner received 35,000 Czech crowns and a one-week stay in one of the European capitals offered by the Czech Centers in Prague.

The Czech Book Young Adult, awarded for the first time, went to Bianca Bellová for her novel « The Lake » (original title: Jezero). A writer’s residency of one month abroad was offered to the writer by the Arts Institute in Prague.

Representatives of three publishers, world observers to the Czech Book, attended the prize-giving ceremony on 11 May in Prague, thus contributing to the implementation of the project’s main objective which is to promote Czech literature around the world.

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