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Siarhei Smatrychenka

Siarhei Smatrychenka grew up in Belarus. In 1999 – 2010 he was teaching at universities in Minsk and Vienna. Since his student years he has been working with leading Belarusian magazines and newspapers as an editor and translator. In 2005 he founded ‘Czech Collection’ series for Lohvinau publishing house, which he continues to coordinate and edit; so far works by sixteen Czech authors have appeared in the series. Siarhei Smatrychenka has won Prajdzisvet Prize for his translations of Václav Hrabě poems and Jiří Theiner Prize for popularization of Czech culture abroad. He's also putting much effort to propagate Belarusian culture in the Czech Republic. Since 2011 Siarhei Smatrychenka is living in Brno, where he teaches Czech for foreigners and coordinates distantly publications of Czech and other foreign authors translations into Belarusian in Minsk. He remains active as a translator and editor.

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Za rozlet české beletrie - Cena Česká kniha
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