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Jiří Našinec

Jiří Našinec: After completing his Bachelors (1969) at The School of Foreign Trade in Prague, he studied Romanian and French at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University between 1969-74. From 1977 to 1984 he worked as editor-corrector in the publishing house Prace, between 1984-1994 he was editor (editor in chief from 1992 to 1993) at the Odeon publishing house. Between 1994-95 he worked as an editor in Josef Simon Editions. Between 1996-2001 he worked as a freelance translator. Since 2001 he is a lecturer at the Institute of Études Romanes at Charles University, and from September 2011 in the chair of Southern Slavic and Balkan Studies. Author of postscripts and comments to the translation of Romanian and Moldavian writers, he created about 90 articles for The Dictionary of Writers. Romania (1984). He also co-authored The Dictionary of Literary, I-II (1989), The Book of Cyrano (1996) and The Dictionary of Romanian writers (2001, 45 articles). He translated literature in Romanian, Moldavian and French (40 titles). In 2007 he won first prize od Magnesia Litera Book Award for his translation of Simion liftnicul by the Romanian author Petru Cimpoeşu. He was decorated with the Romanian Order For faithful services with the rank of commander.

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