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The Czech Book Award

The Czech Book Award went to an author of a first book

Matěj Hořava became the forth laureate of the Czech Book Award with his first book, a collection of short texts Pálenka (« Brandy »). It is an autobiographical story of a young man from Bohemia, teaching a small and isolated Czech minority in Romanian Banat. The winner got the prime of 35 000 Czech crowns and one week stay in one of European capitals offered by Czech centres in Prague.

The Readers Award of the Czech Book, attributed for the third time, went to David Vaughan, a British journalist living for more then twenty years in Prague, for his documentary novel written in Czech Slyšte můj hlas ("Listen to my voice"). A one-month writer residence in Krakow, Poland, was offered to him by the Institute of Arts in Prague.

Representatives from three publishing houses, ‘World observers’ to the Czech Book Award, attended to the awards ceremony in Prague: Bostezo, Spain; Balaena, Germany; Książkowe Klimaty, Poland.

The objective of the Czech Book Award, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in Prague, is to promote the young Czech literature in the world. In three years of its existence, six books have been published and other translations are planned.

We will send you a translation of an excerpt from the winning book by Matěj Hořava before the end of June.

Tereza Křenová

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